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this is 9 news now. hello. i'm jc hayward. we have breaking news from baltimore topping the newscast. police say a doctor at johns hopkins hospital was shot minutes ago. there's no word on the condition of the doctor, but baltimore radio is reporting that the gunman is barricaded and holed up in the hospital. we have another report that says now that the gunman has been subdued. the hospital in downtown washington of course was
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evacuated in downtown baltimore, excuse me, johns hopkins in downtown baltimore. we are following the story very closely and we will have more information for you when it becomes available. again, we are receiving word the gunman has been subdued. now we have a commuter alert for you. three people are dead after an ambulance and an suv can lieded ellie this morning -- collided this morning in district heights. it could have been worse had it not been for the actions of the ambulance driver and the accident made for a messy commute. marlboro pike was shut down throughout the morning rush hour. kristin fisher has the latest information from the scene. >> you can see that all lanes on the marlboro pike are back open, but this section was shot down for seven hours this morning as crews work to clear all of the debris that came from this accident. and there was a ton of it. take a look at this. this is all that is left of the
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prince georges county ambulance that was involved in the crash. it literally looked like it exploded all over the roadway. what happened is shortly after midnight this ambulance was enroute to a call. it was traveling westbound on the marlboro pike with emergency lights on and sirens sounding, but somehow the driver of a suburban suv didn't see it. he was driving on the wrong side of the road going very fast when the accident happened. >> the ambulance saw it coming at the last moment, was able to swerve to the left in order to avoid a head-on collision. however, the suburban suv sideswiped the passenger compartment, right side of the vehicle of the ambulance causing catastrophic destruction of that particular unit. >> reporter: after striking the ambulance, the suv hit a brick wall, a utility pole before coming to a rest on its roof, about 120 feet away from where it struck that ambulance. all three passengers inside, three adult men, were killed
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instantly and pronounced dead at the scene. as for the paramedics inside the ambulance, they have been released from a local hospital with minor injuries. in district heights, kristin fisher, 9 news now. the driver in the crash has been identified as 30-year-old emmanuel jones of district heights. his passengers have been identified as andre watley and 35-year-old tony bernie. they are both from the district of columbia. more than a dozen people were injured in another collision involving an emergency vehicle and a metro bus in the district. a fire truck was 0 responding to a call when the collision occurred at madison and 14th streets northwest. the bus was not -- knocked sideways. fortunately all of the injuries are considered to be minor. a prince georges county man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for what prosecutors call a cold-blooded murder. investigators say that tommy wack and his cousin lured the
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40-year-old victim to the back of a middle school in landover by offering him sex in exchange for money. officers found the victim veerly wounded in his car. -- severely wounded in his car. he was able to give them a description of the gunman before he died. the state's attorney says the case underscores the neil need for people to be careful about who they meet on social network websites. a man in south riding, virginia, has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman he met on an on-line dating service. according to police, the victim went to the home of john evans where she was held against her will and sexually assaulted. the two met through the e- harmony website in june. loudoun county sheriffs office is concerned there maybe another victim who may have not come forward. the washington suburban sanitary commission will hold a second public hearing in to the
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proposed six-year improvement plan. utility officials are presenting their program for major water an sewer projects through 2012, from 2012 to 2017. last night the commission held a meeting at the stella b. westerner building in rockville. tonight's meeting is held in largo at the rms building located at mccormack drive. it begins at 7:30. please call the wssc. their number is 301-208-8110 if you would like to speak at tonight's meeting. you can submit written comments to the wssc until september 27th. a hearing has been scheduled today for the man accused of opening fire at ft. hood, texas. the attorney for major hassan says he does not think his client can get a fair trial. >> the court-martial system will be used in a manner that
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disregards the defendant's rights. >> reporter: the defense wants the army to close future proceedings to reduce the media frenzy surrounding the case. 13 people were killed. more than 30 others wounded in the ft. hood shooting. hassan once worked at walter reed army medical hospital and lived in the dc area. now the primaries are history, the white house is looking forward to the general elections in november. president obama encouraged hispanics last night to remember democrats have been in their corner all along. >> don't forget who cut taxes for working families. don't forget who your friends are. don't forget. >> reporter: president obama was addressing the congressional hispanic caw us is institute 33rd annual gala last night. and president obama and fellow democratic congressman gerry connolly of virginia have
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a different of opinion. the president wants to extend the bush-era tax cuts, but only for families bringing in less than $250,000 a year. republicans want to keep the tax cuts for everyone, including the country's wealthiest americans. representative connelly sides with the republicans on this issue. >> if you look at the economic data, the top 5% income bracket in america accounts for 30% of all consumer spending. we can't risk dampening consumer confidence at this time. >> reporter: congressman connelly represents one of the country's wealthyist counties in the nation. economists disagree over increase taxes on the wealthy will hurt or help the economy. it was all caught on tape. the shocking story of a mother allegedly teaching her 2-year- old daughter how to smoke marijuana. a disturbing cell phone video shows the toddler easily
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handling a joint, as the mother is heard in the background coaching her. 21-year-old jessica of cincinnati faces numerous charges including child endangerment. >> i'm just grateful that somebody in the community was savvy enough and smart enough and cared enough about this little girl that they forwarded it to another phone and brought it to authorities. >> gamble is behind bars. if convicted she could get up to 11 years in prison. a fight to legalize marijuana in california is running in to opposition. proposition 19 will permit people 21 years and older to legally use marijuana and local governments would have the right to regulate and tax it. but the california beer and beverage association is among this opponents. it recently poured $10,000 in to the no on prop 19 campaign.
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>> they have hundreds and hundreds of trucks that run up and down the state and i don't think they want their drivers under the influence of marijuana anymore than they want them drinking beer while  they are driving. >> some believe they are fighting the proposal to legalize marijuana because it would harm their product's sales. still ahead on 9 news now at noon, strike up the band, a celebration of mexican independence. ♪ [ music ] a royal welcome for pope benedict xvi on his first trip to britain, but protesters are planning a different welcome of their own. i'm charlie d'agata in london. we will have the story coming
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we have breaking news again from baltimore. as we first reported, there has been a shooting at johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. the latest information that we have received says that the gunman has been subdued. a hospital spokesperson says the shooting happened on the 8th floor of the main hospital. and of course that floor remains locked down. the condition of the doctor has not been released. we are following the story throughout the day and we will
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give you updated information when it is available. for the first time ever the leader of the catholic church is in the u.k. pope benedict xvi began his visit to scotland by acknowledging the church failed to act quickly or decisively to deal with priests who raped and molested children. charlie d'agata has more from london ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: pope benedict xvi's first visit to britain began with a warm welcome from britain's queen elizabeth in scotland. >> on behalf of the people of the united kingdom, i wish you a most fruitful and memorable visit. >> reporter: but the rest of his visit may be mired in controversy over the catholic church's child abuse scandal. the pope acknowledged the church failed to act quickly enough to deal with priests who sexually abused children. the pontiff said it is difficult to understand how priests fall in to that
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perversion. this is the sec time a pope fete seth foot in britain. when the pope visited in 1982 he was greet by massive adoring crowds but pope benedict xvi will face plenty of protest on friday. >> we are urging the pope to open vatican's secret sex files. >> reporter: there's been a lot of criticism about the cost to the british taxpayer, an estimated $20 million to pay for travel, accommodations and security including here at the london residence where the pope will be staying. critics say pope benedict xvi may not even fill arenas at hi outdoor evens around britain. the first day ends with an open- air mass in glasgow. it includes a performance by scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. a public figure whose popularity may outshine the man she's performing for. charlie d'agata, cbs news,
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london. tomorrow the pope will meet with the british prime minister tony blair and british prime minister. howard has the forecast coming up. we will introduce you to the cocker spaniel and tell you about a front heading this way. back with more 9 news now in just a moment.
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welcome back on this warm thursday afternoon. howard bernstein with you. mostly cloudy skies out there. that will be the case for the rest of the day. 85. by 6:00 and 9:00 we will have a few showers an, especially north and northwest of dc. 82 and 78. these are washington temperatures. it's cooler north and west because the rain showers have moved in to western maryland. we will look at this doppler in a moment. tonight scattered showers and a thunderstorm. the better chance is dc north. cool spots in the upper 50s and most of us in the low to mid- 60s an the winds tomorrow turn northwest behind the front. that will bring in partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions an less humid again. very pleasant. lower to mid-80s. most of us in the low 80s. it will be a fine finish to the
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workweek. looking at the satellite and radar. we have been watching the clouds over us. sunshine on the eastern shore, the northern neck. we clouded up here in dc. look at the rain from pennsylvania in to western maryland and west virginia. live doppler 9000 hd zoom in to western maryland. cumberland, get ready it is not raining now but will be in a few minutes. 68 to frostburg and out to friendsville and grantsville seeing all of this rain and could be a rumble 0 thunder mixed in with this as the area is moving to the east at 25 miles an hour. back on the weather computer, you can see the different where it is raining and not raining. cumberland 63. petersburg 72. where the sun has been out, look at the temperatures down south. tappahannock isle 8 degrees. -- 88 degrees. 87 fredericksburg. 67 martinsburg. big temperature differences. and here in town we are at 80 degrees with mostly cloudy sky
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and a south wind at 13. dew points are creeping up as more moisture heads this way. there's the showers we are watching the with the storm system out of the great lakes. rains from western new york down to parts of tennessee. turnly for us this will break up a bit as it moves in our direction. so we won get, i don't think a lot of rain, but we will take whatever we can get. big picture, warm front to the south is lifting to the north. we will watch on the future cast, much of the shower activity for this afternoon, knot and west of washington, even tonight that sort of breaks up. we hope overnight we will have a few showers ahead of the front and tomorrow we are left with sunny skies. by the way, in the tropics we are watching igor, could be a category two storm near bermuda on sunday night, early monday morning. they are getting ready for that. around here 85, breezy today. some showers later on, especially north. looking at 83 tomorrow. saturday looks beautiful and then over the weekend, sunday the skins are home.
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the fair this weekend, weather weather looks great for that and then we finish out fall on tuesday and wednesday as temperatures go to the 80s. it is thursday at noon and that means it is time for pet line 9. angela robinson with me from the cocker spaniel rescue. >> such a big name for such a little girl. we are appreciative to have a spot on pet line 9 for her. she is really cute and sweet and very adoptable she is going to need an owner that is committed to vet care because we have a couple of issues with her. she has heart worms, and we are giving her medical care for that right now but it is a low level. >> how common is that? we have 30 seconds. >> you need to give your dog heart worm preventive and you get them from mosquitoes. >> they are preventible if you use the medicines. >> and she has a cataract that we are hoping to remove.
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>> she is five tore six years old. >> that's right. >> how can people contact you. >> if they go to your website and click on our link they can come to our website. >> and go to the pet section. you are a sweetie. let's get you a home. we are going to the kitchen. it is guacamole day. we'll explain when 9 news now
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they celebrated last night. musicians and dancers provided entertainment to go along with the ceremony that celebrated the country's 200th year of independence. guess what today is, i bet you didn't know that today was national guacamole day. i certainly didn't know that but i'd like for you to meet chevron ailed vasquez. he's from uncle julios and he has advice on how to make the perfect guacamole. uncle julios has six restaurants. there are four in virginia and two in maryland and i have to tell you i never really liked guacamole until i got fresh guacamole. there's a difference. >> there's a big difference. >> how do you make yours? >> one of the great things is at uncle julios we start with the best avocados. right now we are using a halve avocado that has great buttery
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taste. it is very silky. >> really? >> so we start with avocado and what we do is we open and cut all around. >> this is nice and soft and that's the secret, picking the right avocado. >> the great thing is they tend to have a color more of a darkish, purplish tone to it. that's the number one step to tell you they are ready and the next is to pinch it an you see it is giving way. so we will take this and then kind of twist. open it up. and then usually you can squeeze and you will be able to get the seed out. very simple. and then the next part -- if i can get you help. >> scoop that out? >> scoop that out. >> this is very easy. >> very easy. the great thing about national guacamole day is you can get this at uncle julios every day. >> what do you put in it next.
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>> we start off with some of our garlic oil, which is our own seasoning which is oil with garlic in it. >> okay. >> add lemon juice to this. >> of course. >> lemon juice, we have to have that. >> a little salt. >> a little salt and it depends on how much salt you want, and then. >> we finish the mashing right over here. >> okay. mash it good. >> by the way we will have the recipe on our website at but of course you can go to uncle julios and get it. we will quickly put some onions and tomatoes and we will mash it up some more. >> now we just incorporate. we have done the mashing already. so we have a nice chunky consistency. >> and then this is it. this is it right here. >> they have great salsa.
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uncle julios. thanks for joining us. come back at 5:00. bye-bye. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies...
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